Apple explores voice commands for TV remote possibly for next-gen Apple TV, future products

“Apple has been considering voice recognition as an option for future TV remotes, most likely for the Apple TV set-top, a newly-published patent application hints,” MacNN reports.

“Titled Context-aware unit selection, the filing describes a ‘pointing device’ associated with a computer, dubbed a “Web TV” system. Embedded in the remote would be a microphone, capable of accepting commands such as ‘open iTunes,'” MacNN reports.

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In a related article, MacNN reports, “What’s so exciting about another speech recognition related patent? Well, simply put, it’s the first patent in a long stretch of such patents that finally provides us with a glance or glimmer of where Apple might be going with this technology in terms of a commercial application.”

“Although the heart of this technology is being woven right into the very fabric of OSX, we might be seeing this technology work itself into a future iteration of Apple TV and more directly, into an HDTV system from Apple,” MacNN reports.

Full article here.

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