Court case reveals ugly infighting at beleaguered Motorola after CFO fired for being ‘the messenger’

“It’s a white-collar worker’s nightmare: giving a presentation that gets you fired,” Peter Svensson reports for The Associated Press.

“It happened to the chief financial officer of Motorola Inc. this year. And the lawsuit he filed afterward provides a rare peek into dysfunctional relationships at the top of a major company,” Svensson reports.

“Paul Liska, 53, walked into a board subcommittee meeting Jan. 28 and fired a broadside at the Schaumburg, Ill.-based company’s ailing cell phone division. Liska said a board member told him the next morning that the presentation ‘sure did poke a stick into the hornet’s nest,'” Svensson reports.

“That was probably Liska’s intent. But the hornets that flew out from that nest went for him, not his intended target – the head of Motorola’s cell phone division [Sanjay Jha],” Svensson reports.

Full sordid tale here.

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