Apple to re-enter digital camera business they pioneered with next-gen iPod touch camera?

“I think Apple might be getting ready to re-enter the digital camera business it pioneered in 1994 and then abandoned in 1997,” Seth Weintraub blogs for Computerworld.

“This camera won’t be a point-and-shoot as much as it will be a digital photography computer,” Weintraub writes. “Frankly, it isn’t hard to imagine the hardware. Imagine an iPod Touch with a good camera and lens.”

“Apple is said to be purchasing many three and five megapixel camera CCDs from Omnivision for upcoming embedded products. Most sources indicate that the 3MP cameras are going into next month’s iPhones,” Weintraub writes. “Five Megapixel cameras are good enough to challenge entry-level point-and-clicks for still photography and at the same time record HD video.”

“Apple’s iPod camera could theoretically take 15 shots per second at full 5 Megapixels. It could also take Full HD at 30 frames per second. It would also work well in low light,” Weintraub writes. “Apple’s device would also be an iPod Touch. There’s been a new super secret iPhone video recorder editor app inside the iPhone 3 Beta firmware which could easily see its way onto this ‘touch camera.'”

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