Unlock Mac OS X apps’ hidden features: Safari, iTunes, iCal, Mail, and more

“Most Mac applications have preferences, enabling you to fine-tune certain elements or toggle specific items of functionality. Most also hide things from you, burying potentially useful features under a mound of geek,” Craig Grannell reports for TechRadar.

“Various shareware and freeware apps enable hidden settings changes for Mac OS X apps (notably Secrets), but… we’re kicking it old-school, using the command line to drag handy hidden features kicking and screaming into the daylight,” Grannell reports.

Grannell covers:

• Fine-tuning Safari 4 beta
– Restore standard tabs
– Bring back the progress bar
– Disable Cover Flow for bookmarks

• Current and earlier versions of Safari
– Disable PDF support
– Disable unsubmitted form warnings
– Activate the Debug menu

• iTunes
– Nuke the list arrows
– Remove the Genre column
– Load previews before playing
– Add half-star ratings

• Other apps
– Activate iCal’s Debug menu
– Force plain text in Mail
– Unify Finder views
– Kill floating Help Viewer window

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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