Wii! Microsoft files patent application for ‘magic wand’

“Newly released patent applications from Microsoft have sparked speculation that it is to unveil a Wii remote rival at the E3 expo in Los Angeles,” BBC News reports.

“An application was filed in 2007 for a motion controller, dubbed Magic Wand, that interacts with ‘a collection of sensors,'” The Beeb reports.

“Microsoft says it will not ‘comment on speculation’ about a possible launch,” The Beeb reports.

The patent application also describes “biometric sensors” that would examine ‘fingerprint, hand geometry, hand vein pattern, palm pattern, and grip configuration’ along with ‘facial thermogram, a facial feature, a retinal feature, or an iris feature,'” The Beeb reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: In mid-March, an Apple patent app surfaced that showed Apple to be exploring the possibility of including a wireless “remote wand” with future versions of its Apple TV media system. Apple’s wand would control the movement of a cursor displayed on a TV screen by the position and orientation at which it is held by the user. More info here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Steven A.” for the heads up.]

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