Leaked Snow Leopard videos and screenshots appear online (with video)

“A YouTube user working under the alias of LeopardOctober has uploaded screenshots and videos of Mac OS X Snow Leopard, observers note. The media appears to provide information about features that can be expected in Apple’s next operating system, due sometime later this year,” MacNN reports.

“Finder, Mac OS’ main browsing tool, should be gaining a Put Back option — used to return files in the Trash can to their original location — and a slider in the bottom right-hand side of each window, used to change the size of icons. Additionally, users may be able to navigate through folders in the Grid visualization of Stacks, instead of opening them in a Finder window,” MacNN reports.

Read more in the full article, with screenshots, here.

Finder Preferences – Snow Leopard build 10A286:

Direct link via YouTube here.

LeopardOctober’s YouTube channel is here.

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