Joe Wilcox: Why Apple succeeds, and always will; Apple doesn’t play by the rules, it reinvents them

“Apple isn’t a team player. Since the company’s founding more than three decades ago, Apple has set its own rules, particularly under the two chief executive tenures of cofounder Steve Jobs,” tech industry analyst Joe Wilcox blogs for

MacDailyNews Note: Steve Jobs was only Apple’s Chief Executive Officer once, during his current tenure.

Wilcox continues, “The examples of Apple’s rule-changing behavior are simply too numerous to recount… here are so many examples of Apple changing the rules, it’s hard to find ways the company played by Microsoft’s—and other Goliath’s—rules”

Some examples:
• Streamlined product SKUs
• Original iMac
• Apple Retail Stores
• iPod
• iPhone
• Recessionary pricing

Full article – recommended – here.

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