Apple could soon have the best-selling handheld platform in the world

“After years of neglecting the Mac as a platform for games, Apple’s phone, not its computers, offers the most gaming promise. The iPhone’s tech-savvy base of 21 million users is an ideal audience for a new breed of compelling games that should make the device even more compelling. Between the iPhone and the iPod Touch, which can also run the same games, Apple could soon have the best-selling handheld platform on the market,” Arik Hesseldahl reports for BusinessWeek.

“Since the June 2007 release of the first iPhone, Apple has sold more than 21 million units and change, plus 16 million or so iPod Touches, for a total of 37 million and change as of the quarter ended Mar. 28,” Hesseldahl reports.

“A solid summer of iPhone sales, spurred by the release of a new generation of the device and the replacement of many first-generation iPhones, could push iPhone sales north of 35 million units. That’s the number of DS handheld game machines that market leader Nintendo will sell in 2009, according to estimates. Add a likely 10 million iPod Touch units sold this year, and you could have an Apple handheld platform that outsells the DS,” Hesseldahl reports. “Boost your Apple device forecasts a bit, and the industry could end up with a scenario in which Apple sells a combined 52 million units in 2009. That would be about equal to market researcher iSuppli’s estimated sales for both the Nintendo DS and Sony’s PlayStation Portable (expected to sell about 16 million units).”

“Might Apple have the best-selling handheld game machine in the world by the end of this year? If it does, it could be partly thanks to fresh thinking about how to exploit Apple’s large installed base of users and its low-priced App Store,” Hesseldahl reports “Finally, Apple’s got its game on.”

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