McAfee, Symantec plan new products for Apple’s iPhone, Mac

“McAfee Inc. said its business improved in May from April and, like larger rival Symantec Corp, the security software maker is developing products for Apple Inc’s popular iPhone,” Jim Finkle and Ritsuko Ando report for Reuters.

“McAfee is developing security software for the iPhone and Mac computer, McAfee Chief Executive Dave DeWalt said, in addition to technology it supplies to protect Apple computers against viruses. ‘We are working on a much more comprehensive suite for the Apple family,’ the CEO said. In addition to anti-virus software, McAfee also sells products for safe Web surfing and data encryption,” Finkle and Ando report.

“As the iPhone’s popularity has surged, software companies have rushed to develop programs that run on the device. A billion programs had been downloaded from Apple’s App Store within 9 months of its launch in July 2008. Symantec, the No. 1 software security maker, is looking at developing a backup service that would protect data on the iPhone and allow users to use the device to access information stored on their PCs or on the Web, said Symantec Senior Vice President Rowan Trollope,” Finkle and Ando report. “Such a product would directly compete with Apple’s MobileMe service, which includes data back-up in addition to email and other services.”

“Trollope told Reuters his company closely monitors iPhone security issues, but has no plans to introduce new security products for the popular phone in the near future,” Finkle and Ando report. “DeWalt did not give a specific date for the launch of McAfee’s iPhone security products, or say which products it would provide for the smartphone.”

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