Will Apple unveil a new iPhone at WWDC sans CEO Steve Jobs?

“When isn’t there intrigue surrounding an announcement from Apple? It’s practically embedded in Apple’s marketing mojo. So while Apple’s announcement yesterday that Senior Vice President Phil Schiller would be leading the charge at its June Worldwide Developer Conference instead of Steve Jobs isn’t exactly major news, it does raise questions. What should WWDC congregants expect,” Ed Baig blogs for USA Today.

“Apple previously stated that Jobs won’t return from his health-related leave of absence until the end of June. The company says the WWDC will showcase previously-announced technologies: the next major version of the Mac OS X operating system called Snow Leopard and version 3.0 of the iPhone mobile operating system,” Baig writes. “But would Apple, minus Jobs, also unveil the next version of iPhone hardware?”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “ctaz” for the heads up.]

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