Appy Entertainment: Apple poised to redefine the home gaming industry

“Not only is Apple a non-factor in the console space, but they have historically steered away from gaming and, save for the ill-fated Pippin, have shown no direct interest in entering the home gaming market,” Chris Ulm writes for Appy Entertainment..

“But they will. In fact, Apple is poised to redefine the home gaming industry exactly as they have already done to the music and mobile phone industries,” Ulm writes.

“Exactly as the iPhone was four devices in one (an iPod, a Web browser, a mobile phone, and an email device) Apple’s new ‘Un-Console’ would build off of today’s Apple TV to become not only a home internet browser, a media player, and a rental service but also an entertainment console with a catalog of thousands of Apps, all available through a consistent and already familiar App Store,” Ulm writes.

“Controllers would be touch based using existing iPod Touches or iPhones or cheaper multi-touch controllers designed expressly for the system. Video chat, social networking, GPS awareness, seamless iPhone integration — all of these become the building blocks for new types of games, experiences, applications and services,” Ulm writes. “By leveraging already existing technologies and products, there is a huge opportunity for Apple to continue to build on top of Apple’s ecosystem and sell even more hardware at very good margins to an ever larger base of consumers.”

“At Appy Entertainment, we’re staking our professional futures on bringing our console game development expertise to bear on Apple’s iPhone, and we’d happily support an ‘Un-Console,’ too,” Ulm writes. “This market is vibrant, dynamic, and only just offering the first glimmers of what it will someday be. As far as we’re concerned, the future can’t get here soon enough!”

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