Apple takes aim at Microsoft’s ‘Laptop Hunters’ campaign and scores direct hit

“Apple has unleashed its latest batch of ‘Get a Mac’ TV ads, one of which takes direct aim at Microsoft’s ‘Laptop Hunters’ series of ads,” Nick Mediati reports for PC World.

“With ‘Elimination,’ Apple responds directly to the Laptop Hunters campaign for the first time. John Hodgman’s PC character brings along a few of his friends to find the best computer for a shopper named Megan. Megan wants a computer without viruses or crashes or headaches, and ultimately chooses a Mac,” Mediati reports.

MacDailyNews Take: Actually, she had no choice given her criteria; the only computer that fits the bill is Macintosh.

Mediati continues, “While Microsoft’s main message seems to be that price is the deciding factor in computing purchases (along with the wide variety of Windows PCs), Apple continues to push the message that the Mac provides a trouble-free computing experience.”

Full article here.

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