Analyst sees ‘new and innovative mobile devices’ from Apple; scaling up the iPod touch platform

“Susquehana Financial analyst Jeffrey Fidacaro wrote in a note to investors this week that he sees several near-term growth drivers for the company, including a rollout of the iPhone in key markets (read: China) and the development of ‘new and innovative mobile devices, including scaling up the iPod touch platform,'” Sam Diaz blogs for ZDNet.

“Fidacaro is right on the money with that assessment. The iPhone is a revolutionary device – but contrary to what’s widely believed, the power of the iPhone is not the phone itself. Voice? Who actually talks on a phone anymore? The power is in the apps and the platform that allows developers to turn the iPod Touch into anything from a flashlight to a pinball machine to a checkbook or a police scanner,” Diaz writes.

Full article here.

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