Microsoft’s Internet Explorer on pace to drop below 50% share by May 2011

“Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE), which again fell to a new market share low last month, is on a pace of decline that will push the once overwhelming dominant browser under 50% by this time in 2011, according to new Web usage data,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld.

“IE lost 0.7 of a percentage point to end April with a 66.1% share of the browser market, another new low as pegged by metrics vendor Net Applications Inc., which started tracking browsers in 2005,” Keizer reports.

MacDailyNews Note: For the same month, Net Applications pegs Firefox at 22.8%, Apple’s Safari at 8.2%, and Google’s Chrome at 1.4%.

Keizer continues, “Over the last 12 months, Firefox has gained an average 0.4 percentage point per month; if it keeps to that trajectory, the open-source browser will crack its next major milestone of 25% by the end of November.”

Keizer continues, “IE, on the other hand, has been losing an average of 0.7 percentage point per month over the last 12 months. Unless Microsoft is able to stanch the bleeding, IE will lose its majority status and fall under 50% sometime in May 2011.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Whodathunkit? Ill-gotten gains do evaporate. NeXT stop: operating systems.

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