Apple patent app details iTunes Store kiosks

Apple “iPod and iPhone owners may eventually be able to fill up their players using dedicated iTunes kiosks, a recent patent application hints,” iPodNN reports.

“A traditional problem with Apple handhelds has been the limited means of loading new media; even following the advent of the mobile iTunes Store, the main method of adding music and video remains syncing at home. Using a kiosk, Apple notes, people could rapidly load players without a conventional network connection, in places such as airports, malls or hotels, or even within trains and jets,” iPodNN reports.

The patent application “suggests the idea of a ‘virtual physical connection,’ in which the kiosk would somehow detect the presence of a nearby device and only then open up a wireless link,” iPodNN reports. “Beyond iPods and iPhones, the technology could theoretically be extended to support computers and tablets.”

Full article, with more details, links, and illustration, here.

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