Apple Mac mini unboxing (with video)

“This computer is tiny, because it’s a Mac mini. It can run either Windows full-on, or Mac OS X. This is the latest revision of the series, and I’m glad there’s finally an updated one! I’ve been using my old Mac mini to run the live stream with. Obviously, it worked ok since the stream was going out 24 hours a day,” Chris Pirillo blogs.

Apple Mac mini unboxing:

Pirillo writes, “The processor is a few GHz faster. There’s a big difference in going from 1GB or RAM to 4GB, though. I’m also gaining a much better video card with this new one. It has a 320GB hard drive, at 5400RPM. 5400 is more than enough – do you know why? That’s right – it won’t put out as much heat.”

Full article here.

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