Twittermania has only just begun (all you need to know to Twitter)

“Oprah Winfrey granted pop superstardom in April not to another fraudulent memoirist, but to Twitter, the online social network that has lured both Hollywood celebrities and basement amateurs away from their blogs,” Paul Boutin reports for The New York Times.

“To the Internet hipsters who discovered Twitter in 2006, Oprah’s inaugural tweet — FEELING REALLY 21st CENTURY, she typed — was the end of the era, the shark jump. But that’s like saying the Beatles were over after they appeared on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show,'” Boutin reports.

“Twittermania has only begun. In the days after Oprah’s show, Twitter’s traffic growth is accelerating. The ratings service HitWise now ranks as America’s No. 38 Web site. It’s about to rocket past CNN and Wells Fargo,” Boutin reports.

“Because it’s kept simple, most users figure out Twitter quickly. If you began tweeting the day of Oprah’s show, it’s a safe bet you already know how to DM a private message to a friend, and how to R.T. a joke worth retweeting. You search for #swineflu every few hours, and know it’s called a hashtag. You’ve learned how to follow Demi Moore and block online marketers,” Boutin reports. “Assuming you’ve got these basics down, there are many less obvious tips and tweaks to get more from your tweeting.”

All You Need to Know to Twitter:
• Advanced Search
• Twitter via S.M.S.
• Twitter/Facebook Integration
• Favorites
• Sharing Photos
• Desktop Twitter Apps
– Digsby (Windows-only)
– Twitteriffic (Mac-only)
– TweetDeck (Mac and Windows)
• Phone Apps
– Tweetie for iPhone
– TwitterBerry for BlackBerry
– Twidroid for G1 Android
• TweetCall (voice-recognition system)
• Sneaking Office Tweets
– Spreadtweet
– OutTwit

Bouton writes, “All these power tools make using Twitter more flexible and more fun.”

Full article, which covers all of the bullet points above, here.

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