Cyan’s groundbreaking Myst released for Apple iPhone and iPod touch

“We first reported on Cyan’s iPhone Myst port back in August of last year. The game was released to the App Store for $5.99,” Touch Arcade reports.

“For those not familiar with Myst, the game was first published for the Mac in 1993 and was both a critical and commercial success,” Touch Arcade reports.

“The interface is entirely point-and-click driven. Switches, clues and other hints are explored by tapping on interesting items on the screen,” Touch Arcade reports. “The game naturally uses the touch-screen as the interface which seems perfect for the game. Back in the day, simple mouse clicks were all that was required to play.”

Touch Arcade reports, “It’s hard to predict what gamers without any Myst background will think of the game, but I’d like to think the iPhone version of the game will breath new life and interest into this ground-breaking game”

Touch Arcade reports, “Note that the game is 727MB in size due to all the artwork, video and sound effects.”

Full article, with video, here.

Myst for Apple iPhone and iPod touch via Apple’s App Store is here.

MacDailyNews Note: Currently, out of 79 total customer ratings on Apple’s App Store, 75 give Myst 5 stars.

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