Apple partners discuss rumors of impending Mac price cuts

“Does Apple really intend to slash prices for its entry-level iMac desktop computers and MacBook laptops? That’s the plan, according to AppleInsider, which reported Thursday that the Cupertino, Calif.-based company will knock a couple hundred bucks off the price tags for those products in the face of a brutal economy and the rising fortunes of cheap netbooks in an otherwise stingy marketplace,” Damon Poeter reports for ChannelWeb.

“Apple reseller partners, however, were less certain that any sort of price cuts were in the offing. George Swords, marketing manager at The Mac Pac in Portland, Ore., said Apple doesn’t make ‘cheap computers’ and that was unlikely to change any time soon,” Poeter reports. “‘Apple has had a couple of price points for years, and they build hardware to that price point. These aren’t cheap computers. They have quality parts in them. The best way for a consumer to get a price drop [on a Mac] is to get a last-generation product from a dealer like us,’ he said.”

“Michael Oh, CEO of Boston-based Apple reseller Tech Superpowers said that one possible justification for cutting prices is that when it comes to those entry-level products, Apple could be more interested in the long-term benefits of getting new users onto the Mac platform rather than the short-term cash rung up on the sale,” Poeter reports. “‘Look at people who buy a $1290 iMac. It’s not like Apple makes a ton of money on that single sale, but it gets people onto the platform and hooked on it, where you can get that customer-for-life that they want,’ he said.”

Poeter reports, “If that’s the plan, Oh said, Apple could begin looking at its entry-level desktop and notebook lineup as ‘a loss leader,’ especially considering that ‘everybody in this economy is doing that now.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Carl H.” for the heads up.]

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