Why the inclusion of ‘Blu-ray’ in iTunes 8.2 beta doesn’t mean Blu-ray disc playback

“Thanks to the fine-toothed comb that the Mac faithful run over their updates, readers of MacRumors noticed a passage contained within the iTunes 8.2 beta ‘About iTunes’ window that references DVD and Blu-ray,” Tim Conneally reports for Betanews,

“This does not mean iTunes will be able to read or recognize Blu-ray Discs,” Conneally reports. “Gracenote VideoID does not need the disc to be present to identify content.”

Conneally reports, “Now that the iTunes store is beginning to carry high-definition video in greater concentration, all this fine print means is that the film’s information either on playback or in the iTunes store itself could have been pulled from Gracenote’s immense database.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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