“Billions of photos have now been uploaded to the internet, and many are tagged with text descriptions. Some are even geotagged – stamped with the latitude and longitude coordinates at which the image was taken. David Crandall and colleagues at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, analysed the data attached to 35 million photographs uploaded to the Flickr website to create accurate global and city maps and identify popular snapping sites,” Colin Barras reports for New Scientist.

“According to Flickr, New York is the world’s most photographed city… [and] the Apple Store in Manhattan [Apple Store Fifth Avenue] is the fifth-most photographed place in the city,” Barras reports.

MacDailyNews Note: Crandall listed the top 7 NYC landmarks: #1 Empire State Building, #2 Times Square, #3 Rockefeller Center, #4 Grand Central Station, #5 Apple Store, Fifth Avenue, #6 Columbus Circle, #7 Liberty Island.

Full article here.

Crandall’s paper, “Mapping the World’s Photos,’ (.pdf) is here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “DLMeyer” for the heads up.]