Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ integrity: A reason to buy Apple

“Disclosure: I am not an Apple (AAPL) devotee,” Patrick Garot writes for Seeking Alpha. “I’m writing this on an HP Pavilion; haven’t owned a Mac since the early 1990s. No iPhone (a Blackberry)…”

MacDailyNews Take: Our condolences, Pat.

Garot continues, “…but I do have three iPods. I bought AAPL at $80 in 2007, sold it at $130 in 2008, and bought it again in the $80s in early March 2009.”

“All this said, I was favorably impressed by Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ sworn deposition,” Garot writes. “So much so, that I might be re-thinking whether to keep my Apple, and buy even more.”

Garot writes, “His depo shows why Steve Jobs is the person that Apple devotees hold him out to be.”

Full article here.

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