Apple debuts ‘Get a Mac’ Web ad: ‘Easy as 1-23’ (with video)

Apple has debuted a new “Get a Mac” Web ad, “Easy as 1-23,” seen on websites such as, in which “PC” explains how easy it it to use a Windows PC:

Direct link via YouTube here.

The text reads:

PC. Easy as 1-23
1. Remove unneeded bloatware
2. Configure security settings
3. Download and install OS security patches
4. Restart
5. Download / install extra security programs
6. Restart
7. Download / install drivers for peripherals
8. Restart
9. Remove optional Windows components
10. Update new virus list
11. Run full system virus scan
12. Update new malware list
13. Run full system malware scan
14. Download / install application updates
15. Restart
16. Clean out system registry
17. Repair corupt system registry
18. Defragment hard drive
19. Free up disk space
20. Scan disk for errors
21. Run system file checker
22. Read online instruction manual
23. Cross fingers

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Sparkplug” for the heads up.]

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