Microsoft to offer Mac OS Classic-like XP mode for Vista service pack, er, ‘Windows 7’

“Microsoft on Friday confirmed… that Windows 7 will have a new, special emulation mode tailored to businesses and others that need an exact Windows XP environment for their apps,” Electronista reports.

“Similar to Classic in earlier versions of Mac OS X, the simply-titled XP Mode creates a complete virtual session (using Virtual PC) for XP apps that is nearly hidden for the user; software is installed in XP Mode, but runs as though it were a native app, with only an XP-style title bar to indicate that the software is in emulation,” Electronista reports.

Electronista reports, “The feature won’t replace regular backwards compatibility in Windows 7 and will be available as a free, but separate download only for Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate users.”

Full article here.

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