Rumored ‘Mac Tablet’ the ultimate device for electronic medical records?

“Rumors of a Mac Tablet have been circulating around the Apple blogosphere for the past few months. While speculation escalates about the opportunities for an “iTablet” in the consumer market, we can’t help but muse on its applicability to medical records,” Houston Neal writes for Software Advice.

“There is a seemingly endless amount of medical applications that could be developed for a Mac Tablet. However, we think it would be the ultimate interface for electronic medical records (EMRs). Ease-of-use has been a primary barrier to EMR adoption, so Apple – known for intuitive design and usability – would be welcomed by physicians,” Neal writes.

“An Apple tablet would be the ultimate UI for electronic medical records. With a touch-screen display like the iPhone, using the EMR during an encounter would be simplified,” Neal writes. “A Mac Tablet would be extremely useful because of it’s mobile capabilities. The foremost benefit would be having the ability to access a database of digital medical records from anywhere, assuming it has 3G mobile connectivity (e.g. AT&T). That is of huge value to a physician that splits time between the office, hospitals, surgery centers, nursing homes, etc.”

Read more in the full article, in which Neal ruminates on the possibility of a “Mac Tablet” and presents ideas on its use with EMRs, here.

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