Apple attacks Microsoft: Snow Leopard Server to offer secure corp. email, contacts, more to iPhone

“Apple will leverage the popularity of the iPhone to deliver business users new Mobile Access services in Snow Leopard Server to securely deliver corporate email, contact, calendar, and intranet web services to iPhone and iPod touch users far more cost effectively than Microsoft Windows Server,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

Oliver reports, “The recently released WWDC 2009 session previews somewhat cryptically highlight additional details about how the new proxy service works and presents its new name for the service: The Mobile Access Server provides a path through a corporate firewall for IMAP, SMTP, HTTP, and CalDAV without using VPN. Learn about the features of, and deployment tips for, this powerful new service in Snow Leopard Server.

Oliver reports, “That strategy may likely help tie the growing popularity of iPhones among corporate and government users to increased sales of Snow Leopard Server, and draw more attention toward Apple’s Mac Server offerings as a much less expensive alternative to Microsoft’s combination of Windows Server, Exchange Server messaging, SharePoint collaboration, and Exchange Active Sync for supporting remote access to mobile devices.”

Oliver reports, “By offering Snow Leopard Server as a much cheaper alternative to Microsoft’s server software and the Client Access Licenses companies must pay per user, Apple will send a particularly embarrassing response to Microsoft’s recent ad campaigns portraying Mac hardware as ‘cooler and sexier’ but higher priced than the low end of generic PCs using Windows. That’s because while Dell can slightly undercut comparable XServe hardware costs from Apple before adding Windows Server, Microsoft’s software licensing dramatically balloons the costs businesses face to deliver the same features Mac OS X Server can, which Apple bundles on its Mac servers at no extra cost.”

Much more in the full article here.

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