22 tips and apps for your Apple iPhone’s camera

“Even if you are waiting for an iPhone that has a 3.2 or 5MP camera, the tips and apps that follow will come in handy for improving your image collection on Apple’s handheld marvel,” Michael Muchmore writes for PC Magazine.

Tips for Taking Better iPhone Pictures:

1. Learn a bit about photo composition
2. Don’t take pictures in direct sunlight
3. Check that the lens is unobstructed and clean
4. Switch to landscape orientation occasionally
5. Mind the background
6. Hold the iPhone still with two hands
7. Get close to people you’re photographing
8. Take several pictures of your subject, varying the angles and poses
9. Get the light right

Apps for Shooting Better Photos:

10. Camera Genius 1.3 (US$2.99)
11. Fast Tap Camera 1.3 ($0.9)
12. Photon (Free)
13. Real Cam SP ($2.99)
14. CameraBag 1.4 ($2.99)
15. ColorSplash ($1.99)
16. PhotoArtist ($1.99)
17. PhotoCanvas ($2.99)
18. Photo fx ($2.99)
19. Photogene ($2.99)
20. Photo Lab 1600 ($1.99)
21. Photobucket for iPhone (Free)
22. Facebook for the iPhone (Free)

Full article, with the tips and apps explained, here.

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