Report: Apple iPhone is king; decimates also-rans on all fronts

“A new industry report from mobile analytics firm Flurry reveals some unique insights into the smartphone industry as of right now. Because their firm focuses not just on iPhone, but also on Android, RIM Blackberry, and JavaME, they have the ability to see platform-spanning trends, instead of just those tied to Apple,” Sarah Perez reports for ReadWriteWeb.

Perez reports, “So what can we learn from their deep dive into their company’s data? Anything surprising? Actually, what the report confirms is what we’ve been hearing for some time now: the iPhone is king, smartphones are the new laptops, and iPhone applications can and do make money.

Perez reports, “Perhaps what’s most surprising about Flurry’s report isn’t simply how prevalent and popular the iPhone and iPhone applications are today, but how far ahead it is of its nearest competitors. From an application perspective, the iPhone is killing on all fronts: number of developers, number of applications, and number of consumers using these applications.

Full article – recommended – here.

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