Smart Lauren: Programming newbies create apps for Apple iPhone

“Lauren Bernsen, a 25-year-old Nordstrom jewelry manager, had never written a line of computer code – that is, until the iPhone came along,” Ryan Kim reports for The San Francisco Chronicle.

“Now the Palo Alto resident spends many nights bathed in the blue light of her computer screen creating her first iPhone application, a travel organizer program,” Kim reports. “‘I was seduced by my own idea and the iPhone platform, which made it less of an unattainable thing,’ Bernsen said.”

“The popular iPhone has inspired a wave of creativity among software developers, many of whom have aspirations of making a quick buck from the popular iPhone, 17 million units of which have been sold. But the device is also luring non-programmers, people like Bernsen who had never considered software development until now,” Kim reports.

“Some are learning Cocoa, Xcode and Objective-C, the tools and languages necessary for iPhone development, while others are looking for contract designers to get their apps made. The iPhone, perhaps more than any other device, has sparked the imagination of non-developers, who see in it an idea waiting to take shape,” Kim reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: Bloodbath.

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