Obama names U.S. Chief Technology Officer: Virginia’s ‘Apple-friendly’ Aneesh Chopra

“The US now has its first chief technology officer in the form of Aneesh Chopra, currently Virginia’s secretary of technology, to overhaul the government’s technology services,” The Guardian reports.

“The very Apple-friendly Chopra’s initiatives for Virginia, where he has been since 2003, have included encouraging students and teachers to publish and share material through iTunes and also a competition for school kids to design a maths application for the iPhone,” The Guardian reports.

“Chopra will work alongside Jeffrey Zients, who has also been announced as chief performance officer [and both] will work closely with [the] chief information officer, Vivek Kundra,” The Guardian reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’re not much for government mandates, but we’ll go for a “Mac Mandate” in the name of a 30% across-the-board productivity increase. The U.S. has a homegrown competitive advantage ready to deploy at any time: While the rest of the world slogs along with Windows, the U.S. could finally begin replacing such time-wasting dreck with efficient, productive, and fun-to-use Macs. People will even want to stay longer at work. We’ll even hold our tongues over the inevitable taxpayer-backed retraining program for former IT employees (Windows babysitters) and ditzy bleached blonde radio tech show hostesses.

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