“Apple has advised Apple Authorized Resellers to begin placing on clearance both the Apple Composite AV Cable and Apple Component AV Cable,” Christopher Price reports for PhoneNews.com. “Apple will be consolidating these cables, ahead of the launch of the next iPhone.”

Apple will soon be offering the “Apple AV Cable,” Price reports. “The cable will function similar to the Xbox 360 Component AV Cable. The consolidated cable will support both component and composite output, allowing users to plug in to both HDTV and SDTV displays without the need for multiple cables.”

“The next generation of iPhone and iPod touch will make broad and sweeping changes to HD display capacity on the devices. First, Apple will likely offer at least one version of the iPhone and one version of iPod touch with an even higher resolution screen,” Price reports. ” Apple is also planning across-the-board output of HD video.”

“Currently the iPhone and iPod touch do not exceed 480i and 480p (respectively) in terms of video resolution. However, the next iPhone and iPod touch will enable full HD playback, with 720p and 1080i output modes,” Price reports.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “M.” for the heads up.]