Apple’s new dual-band Time Capsule could help you win your neighborhood’s Wi-Fi wars

“Apple’s new dual-band Time Capsules could provide the killer punch if you’re engaged in wifi warfare against your neighbours,” Adam Turner blogs for The Sydney Morning Herald.

“It’s a jungle out there on the 2.4 GHz band, but Apple’s new dual-band networking gear could help you cut through wifi interference,” Turner reports. “I can see at least four wifi networks from my lounge room and around triple that number from the bedrooms upstairs – including a few networks from the school a kilometre down the road.”

“Not long after I moved into this house last year, I bit the bullet and bought myself an Apple Time Capsule. Switching my MacBook and Airport Expresses over to a 5 GHz 802.11n network cleared up my networking problems and finally got AirTunes running smoothly,” Turner reports.

“I’ve been trialing one of Apple’s new dual-band Time Capsules and it’s made the world of difference – doubling the range of my g network to give me a much stronger signal upstairs. Meanwhile it’s happily running my n network as well. I know Apple’s not the only manufacturer to offer dual-band gear but, considering my n network is there to support my Apple gear, I think I’ll stick with an Apple router to ensure I don’t run into any compatibility issues. Even these days, wifi performance can still be hit and miss if you mix gear from different vendors,” Turner reports.

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