Apple’s iTunes App Store is a extraordinary phenomenon that’s well ahead of also-rans

“One of the most extraordinary success stories on the internet is Apple’s iTunes App Store, in which, for a small fee or nothing at all, any iPhone or iPod touch user can get a bit of software to do, well, almost anything,” Garry Barker reports for The Sydney Morning Herald.

“It is a phenomenon based on the solid foundation that a mobile phone is now a powerful computer-communications device with the immense reach and power of the internet,” Barker reports. “It also honours that powerful principle of technology, KIS (Keep It Simple).”

“Successful iPhone applications are invariably simple to use, small (because iPhones and iPods have limited storage), responsive to human needs and cheap, ranging from free to seldom more than $10,” Barker reports.

“More than 500 million downloads have been taken from the App Store since it opened last year, and the flow is increasing, making money for developers and for Apple, and driving sales of iPhones and iPod touch units,” Barker reports.

MacDailyNews Note: “More than 500 million” is correct, but, to be a bit more exact, Apple’s currently nearly twice that amount: Over 958 million and counting.

Barker continues, “With more than 18 million iPhones in use around the globe (700,000 or more in Australia), plus a similar number of iPod touches, it is a market of about 40 million devices and growing.”

“Apple takes a 30 percent cut of the revenue earned by paid apps, but hosts free apps at no cost. It declines to say how much money is changing hands, but that is not the main point – this is about the race to become the dominant mobile computing platform,” Barker reports.

“Apple’s competitors are Google’s Android – although the two companies have close alliances – Nokia’s Symbian, Research in Motion (the BlackBerry) and Palm,” Barker reports. “Microsoft has Windows Mobile but, like Symbian, it appears to be struggling. ‘This is a 100-yard sprint,’ says Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney, ‘and right now Apple is 75 yards down the track while the other guys are trying to get out of the blocks.'”

There’s much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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