Massive email outage stymies BlackBerry users across USA; iPhones unaffected

“BlackBerry users around the country were without e-mail for about 3 hours in a nationwide outage [on April 13] that affected users on all major wireless networks,” Marguerite Reardon reports for CNET.

“From about 1 p.m. EDT to about 4 p.m. EDT people who subscribe to a BlackBerry e-mail service through their wireless carrier instead of being offered the service through their companies, could not send or receive e-mail or access the BlackBerry Internet Service Web site. They also weren’t able to create new accounts, access their Internet mailboxes, integrate third-party e-mail accounts, or view e-mail attachments during this time,” Reardon reports.

“Subscribers on all four major U.S. wireless networks–AT&T, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile USA, and Verizon Wireless–complained that they had no access to e-mail until about 4 p.m. EDT, at which time they started getting a flood of e-mails that had been sent earlier in the day,” Reardon reports.

“RIM uses a centralized architecture to filter all its e-mail traffic and push it out to consumers’ phones. Critics of the BlackBerry service and architecture say that this centralized approach makes the service more vulnerable to outages. And indeed, the company has had some serious outages in the past. In April 2007, the company’s enterprise service suffered a huge outage that left millions of corporate BlackBerry users without access to e-mail,” Reardon reports.

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MacDailyNews Solution: Get a real phone.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Robert G.” for the heads up.]

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