Major companies who let employees choose Apple Macs discover cost savings

“Even in these tough economic times, tech giant Cisco offers employees some pretty sweet benefits: Employees can visit on-campus doctors and dietitians, drop off dry cleaning, or get an oil change, and now they can pick the kind of computer they want to use at work,” Jon Fortt reports for Fortune.

“That’s right – Cisco has started letting workers choose from a handful of laptops, including an Apple MacBook Pro. Only don’t call the program a perquisite. Rebecca Jacoby, Cisco’s top information technology officer, says the initiative, launched last year, should actually save the company money,” Fortt reports.

“Since Cisco began offering a choice of machines last June, roughly a quarter of employees have opted for Macs, yet they are pretty much on their own for tech support. (An in-house online community for Mac users gets a little help from Jacoby’s department.) Cisco, in turn, has to make a slightly higher upfront investment for the workers who want Macs, which are pricier than PCs,” Fortt reports.

MacDailyNews Take: Because Apple refuses to make junk targeted at the ignorant.

Fortt continues, “At Dell, chief information officer Robin Johnson has sketched out a plan: Dell employees might get, say, a $1,500 coupon every three years to replace their wireless phones and computers at (Sorry, no Apple products.) With the coupon they could choose from eight PCs (today there’s no choice) and a number of cellphones capable of making cheaper Internet calls from Dell’s campus – another source of savings.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Why no Macs or iPhones, Dell? Afraid of something? Your employees don’t deserve the best? If Dell offered the option of Macs, the majority of the company would be using Macs within 2 years. If Apple offered Dell PCs as an option, none of their employees would choose a Dell. Zero. This is a fact, ladies and gentlemen, a pure – and very telling – fact.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Artist” for the heads up.]

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