5 reasons to own, and how to get the most out of, Apple TV

“I have been asked a few times, and most recently via twitter about how to get the most out of the Apple TV. With the dawn of Boxxee many multimedia fans are looking at the Apple TV device in a whole new light. I am going to concentrate on how to get the most out of the Apple TV (but without the Boxxee hack),” DigMo reports for, duh, DigMo!

1. You can watch broadcast TV on Apple TV
2. It can be a great showcase for home movies
3. You can actually look at your family photos
4. Can can rip easily-scratched DVDs for backup and viewing via Apple TV
5. You can stream TV, films and music directly from any iTunes library via Wi-Fi

DigMo reports, “[There are] five key benefits without even counting YouTube, Flickr, MobileMe and the ability to rent movies in HD directly from the iTunes store. You can also control the Apple TV via the iPhone or iPod Touch remote app.”

Full article here.

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