Steve Jobs to return bearing Multi-Touch™ Mac tablet?

“OK, let’s not mince words here. I’ve had Apple netbook/tablet on my brain for weeks. We know there is a 10-inch touch screen en route to Cupertino. Three different reports from reputable sources said so,” Seth Weintraub blogs for Computerworld.

“This isn’t just any netbook screen, it is a touch screen, which implies tablet of some sort. It may or may not have a keyboard,” Weintraub writes.

“Maybe you’ve seen this trend too, but I’ve noticed that Apple likes thin. As a matter of fact, they love it. And keeping this thing thin will be a high priority… [Inlike Intel’s Atom] ARM chips… can be made into super thin devices. I think Apple has a stripped down version of Snow Leopard that will run on ARM,” Weintraub writes.

“The Wall Steet Jounal says Steve Jobs is working on this device at home. Perhaps he’ll share it with the world upon his return,” Weintraub writes.

Full article here.

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