Should Apple make Tim Cook CEO and Steve Jobs Chairman?

“Apple chief Steve Jobs is involved with all of the company’s key product plans, had a hand in the iPhone 3.0 launch and at least a few people expect him to return in June,” Larry Dignan blogs for ZDNet.

A few thoughts:
• Cook is fine running the day-to-day of Apple;
• Apple still has its product mojo and can generate buzz with iPhone 3.0;
• A roadmap is firmly in place on the product front;
• Jobs doesn’t have to run the day-to-day to be effective.

Dignan writes, “Add it up and it’s logical that Jobs would come back as chairman, still be involved with product and strategy and give the CEO gig to Cook. In one swoop Apple could allay investor worries, give Jobs some privacy and create a clear transition plan.”

Full article here.

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