Note: Do not drench your iPhone in your salty sweat or you might ruin it

“Some iPhone owners are claiming that exercise, while good for you, may break your Apple device. Of course, as with most electronic devices, significant moisture can ruin Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch, and iPod,” David Martin reports for CNET.

“This past Monday, KPRC Channel 2 in Houston ran a story during its Ask Amy consumer segment titled Ask Amy: iPhones Sweat Sensitive. In the segment, investigative reporter Amy Davis pursued consumer complaints about iPhones being damaged by sweat,” Martin reports.

iPhone “moisture sensors are very accessible [on the top and bottom of the device]. On most cell phones, the sensors are located underneath a removable battery and enclosed by the cover that usually locked the battery into place. One would suspect that since those sensors were deep inside of the device, that they were better judges of whether or not you dropped the cell phone in a puddle,” Martin reports.

“For a very easy solution, make sure to use a good case (like the iSkin Revo2) that covers both the headphone jack and the docking/sync connector. This type of case isn’t completely waterproof, but it might help protect the sensor on the bottom of the iPhone 3G–it has so far for me,” Martin reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple should help out those hapless souls who are bereft of basic common sense by burying the water damage sensors deeper into the device.

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