Microsoft to continue to offer XP after Windows Vista service pack, er, ‘7’ ships

“Microsoft has announced this week that it will continue to offer downgrade options to both volume licensing customers and end-users when Windows 7 ships. Customers who purchase a system from a qualifying OEM with a version of Windows 7 that they don’t want will be able to fall back to equivalent versions of Vista or XP,” Joel Hruska and Peter Bright report for Ars Technica.

“OEMs will also continue to offer end users the ability to downgrade their Windows 7 systems for a limited time… This is not unusual in and of itself; such downgrades were available for Vista (to XP) and XP (to Windows 2000) in the past, again for limited periods, at least for customers buying the business-oriented versions,” Hruska and Bright report. “Although the lukewarm reception that Vista received among business users and the development of the netbook market led to regular extensions of that ‘limited period,’ Microsoft’s intent, at least, was for there to be a brief transition during which Vista and XP were sold side-by-side, after which Vista would take over.”

Hruska and Bright report, “Windows 7’s downgrade rights may be a little different to those of its predecessor, however; indications are that XP downgrades will continue to be possible, even for non-volume license customers. Given that Windows 7 is in many ways a relatively minor refresh to Windows Vista, this is perhaps unsurprising. When it comes to software and hardware compatibility, Vista and Windows 7 are all but identical, and so switching from Vista to Windows 7 is unlikely to cause businesses any problems. As such, a downgrade option that only permitted downgrading to Vista would have little benefit. Migration from XP is the scenario liable to raise compatibility issues, and so it will continue to be the case that XP-using businesses will want to stick with XP on new systems.”

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MacDailyNews Take: What’s the matter, Microsoft? Lack of confidence regarding your latest upside-down and backwards poorly-faked Mac OS?

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