Forbes: Steve Jobs’ killer instincts

“Despite Microsoft’s recent anti-Apple ads, the iPhone maker still has the upper hand in craftiness,” Brian Caulfield writes for Forbes.

“Wherever Jobs is right now, he’s got to be smiling. Ever since ChiatDay unleashed the “1984” ad introducing the first Macintosh by throwing a hammer, literally, at the PC’s image, Jobs has framed a heroic narrative for himself at the expense of his rivals,” Caulfield writes.

“It worked. Over the past five years, Apple shares have risen more than 700%, thanks to surging sales of iPods, iPhones and notebook computers. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s stock has lost more than a quarter of its value,” Caulfield writes.

“The more Microsoft hits out at Apple… the better it reinforces the narrative Jobs has sketched out,” Caulfield writes. “Lucky for Microsoft, Jobs is out on medical leave through the end of June (barring a surprise, and with Jobs, you never know). And Apple, in his absence, may not have a taste for this fight. Apple’s latest ads tout their laptops as the ‘greenest.’ A pity, really, because with Jobs whereabouts unknown, Apple may no longer be what it once was: the meanest.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s not “the meanest.” They’re just the most honest. Apple simply tells it like it is and Microsoft is not used to hearing it. Jobs is not required for TBWA\Chiat\Day to craft a response to Microsoft’s weak and self-damaging ads, if a response is even required. Apple (and Jobs) may just be content to let Microsoft continue digging themselves into a hole.

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