Windows Support Specialist: Switching to Apple Mac can save you countless productive hours

“Whether you are an expert computer user or not, you have probably been burned by your computer in the past. For some a computer virus could have wiped out your hard drive, or completely taken control of your web browser. For others, you might have been running an application only to have it crash and lose your data,” London Computer Support writes for Save My System. “So what is the solution?”

“There is a solution to many of the common computer problems: switch to an Apple computer… The Macintosh operating system has been redesigned from the ground up and is now a more stable and effective operating system. With Mac OS X, users have a lot less to worry about: no viruses, no trojans, and no crashes. What more could a user want?” London Computer Support writes.

“Apple delivers more: a seamless integration between hardware and software. When you buy a PC and install Windows, chances are that you are installing the operating system on a set of hardware that was never really fully tested together. Different combinations of plug and play hardware are what causes Windows to crash time and time again,” London Computer Support writes.

“Plus, Apple delivers all the applications you need to get your work done, and have fun doing it. On a Windows machine, you get the basic Microsoft Office suite of applications. Now, you can get the same suite of applications for your Mac as well,” London Computer Support writes.

MacDailyNews Take: Strike that “now” in the last sentence above. Office was introduced by Microsoft in 1989 on Mac. The Windows version of Office did not debut until the following year.

London Computer Support continues, “Yet, Apple offers applications that you can’t get on Windows: the iLife set of applications… Developers and computer wizards used to pride themselves on knowing the internals of their windows machines. Today that’s changing, as people realize they have better things to do than spend all their time at a computer terminal, when they could go out and enjoy life.”

London Computer Support writes, “That’s exactly what switching to a Mac can do for your productivity. Your computer will let you be as productive as you can, by getting out of your way.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This blast of brutal honesty simply can’t be good for London Computer Support’s business.

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