U2’s Bono: ‘Research In Motion is going to give us what Apple wouldn’t’

“Toronto-based radio DJ Alan Cross flew to Boston last month with a plan to find a way into a secret U2 concert at an old vaudeville-era theatre. What he ended up with was an exclusive peek at a landmark business deal between the iconic Irish rockers and BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd. After Bono and his band wrapped up their gig at the intimate Somerville Theater, Mr. Cross ended up at a crowded reception at a nearby pub in Harvard Square and came face to face with the U2 front man. To strike up a conversation, he told Bono he had friends who worked for RIM. Then he asked Bono about the new partnership between RIM and one of the biggest rock acts on the planet, which the Waterloo, Ont.-based company announced in a routine press release just two days earlier,” Simon Avery and Matt Hartley report for The Globe and Mail.

Avery and Hartley report, “‘I’m very excited about this,’ Bono told Mr. Cross about the RIM deal. ‘Research In Motion is going to give us what Apple wouldn’t…'”

MacDailyNews Take: Enough rope?

Avery and Hartley continue, “‘…access to their labs and their people so we can do something really spectacular.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Now Bono’s a comedian.

Avery and Hartley continue, “RIM realizes its future hinges on winning consumers over to the BlackBerry. The company has taken several leads from Apple, the king of consumer technology, that go beyond winning the affections of one of the world’s greatest rock stars. RIM has recently introduced touch-screen technology with the BlackBerry Storm and an online store for games and software known as App World, similar to what Apple has already perfected for using with the iPhone.

MacDailyNews Take: Define “similar.” Here’s what Avery and Hartley think “similar” means:
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Avery and Hartley continue, “But RIM has yet to attempt what Apple does best: sell its brand to consumers. Experts warn that if RIM doesn’t quickly fire up a global marketing machine of its own, the company will be pushed to the wayside by bigger brands such as Apple…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Follow the money. Bono certainly does.

[Attribution: MacNN. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MacVicta” for the heads up.]

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