Forbes: Apple’s smash hit iPhone soon to become even more appealing to business users

“As we approach the second anniversary of the iPhone’s arrival in June 2007, its success is unquestioned. Now Apple faces the challenge of maintaining the impressive momentum. That’s why the company outlined a series of improvements calculated to boost its appeal to business,” Paul Korzeniowski reports for Forbes.

“At the core of Apple’s [iPhone OS 3.0] announcement is an enhanced software development kit, with more than 1,000 new programming interfaces,” Korzeniowski reports. “The phone’s integration with other applications has been enhanced, and the cut/copy/paste feature will enable users to move information among various productivity packages, such as word processing and e-mail systems. The new feature is relatively easy to operate: Users double-tap an image or text, drag it to its destination, and then double-tap again to paste it. The new function works with HTML applications and SMS messages. Apple also announced support for MMS, which allows users to send and receive photos, contact information in vCard format and audio files.”

“The process of connecting the device to local wi-fi networks has been simplified. Also, phones with the 3.0 software will be able to automatically find and exchange information with nearby Bluetooth devices, in effect creating personal area networks among iPhone users,” Korzeniowski reports.

“iPhones have made their way into many organizations because of their sleek user interface. The new enhancements are designed to make the system more attractive to business users. Apple has done a credible job of delivering an intriguing system, and the enhancements are geared toward keeping the company on that track,” Korzeniowski reports.

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