Unleash your creativity with Apple’s new iLife software – only for Macs

“If you could purchase software that would let you organize all your photos, teach you how to play the guitar or piano, create and edit your own home movies and design your own website, how much do you think it’d be worth?” Murray Hill asks for The StarPhoenix

“If I told you Mac owners could get software like that for under $100 [US$79], would you believe me? Well, if you own a new Mac, or at least an Intel-inside Mac running Leopard version 10.5.6 and up, then for under $100 you can purchase iLife ’09 from Apple. It’ll do everything I mentioned and more. If you own a PC, you’re on the outside looking in,” Hill reports.

MacDailyNews Note: For the sake of clarity: All new Macs come with iLife included free.

Hill continues, “iLife ’09 comes with iPhoto, iMovie, Garage Band, iWeb and iDVD bundled and it’s all you need to be more creative than you could ever imagine.”

“iLife ’09 can’t do everything that expensive, directed software can do, but offers the home user the ability to work with photos to create wonderful new experiences and albums,” Hill reports. “Folks who take home movies can create dynamic and creative movies with little effort. And it teaches those of us who have no idea how to play a musical instrument how to play the guitar or piano. It allows us to create personal websites with the things in them we want to see and do — and does it easily. In short, while iLife ’09 isn’t perfect, for just under a $100 [free with new Macs] it’s an amazing addition to your home computing experience.”

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