The Boston Herald reviews At Bat 2009: ‘Why can’t all iPhone sports apps be as good?’

“Major League Baseball’s standard-setting ‘ At Bat 2009’ arrived this weekend with a few pleasant surprises: the $9.99 price tag the one shocker in the bunch. When it comes to following sports on an iPhone or iPod touch, there is no question this app delivers the best value for the money,” Tom Rose reports for The Boston Herald.

“The main new feature for the 2009 version is radio play-by-play. When the season starts Sunday, users will have the choice of listening to home or away announcers for every game,” Rose reports. “There are no blackout restrictions on any game, so true fans won’t miss a single call.”

“By the end of last season, MLB At Bat had helped play a large role in turning me back into the type of fan I was in high school. I couldn’t get enough of the video highlights, boxscores and scoring summaries. In-game improvements included the addition of live batter-by-batter coverage, including pitch information, hit locations and on-the-fly scoring and boxscore updates,” Rose reports.

“One of the more amazing features was the video highlights. Users could watch homeruns minutes after they were hit. It was not unseal during key pennant race games to find three or four videos posted by the seventh inning.

Those features all return this year – as do previews of the next day’s pitching matchups, schedules, standings and the ability to designate one team as your ‘home’ team. With audio added on top of the already feature-rich application, many baseball fans would have found the application attractive at double the price,” Rose reports.

Full review here.

More info via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.

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