Sydney Morning Herald on Apple’s new iPod shuffle: ‘Tiniest iPod is big on new features’

“The idea of a buttonless shuffle sounds like a joke, but the tiniest iPod shuffle is big on new features,” Adam Turner blogs for The Sydney Morning Herald.

“Apple has halved the width of the shuffle, doubled the capacity to 4GB and bumped up the price to A$129 [US$79]. The buttons now live on the headphones cable, up near your collar so they’re not trapped under your shirt. There are only three buttons – volume up, volume down and one function button. Pushing the function button once will play or pause the music, while twice is skip forward and thrice is skip back. This is handy when you’re wearing the shuffle, but obviously a pain if you want to plug it into external speakers. Apple says third party adapters will be available,” Turner reports.

“What’s really impressed me with the new shuffle is that it’s no longer just a shuffle. Like other iPods and the iPhone, you can now copy across playlists to the shuffle and choose which one you want to listen to,” Turner reports. “Hold the button and it tells you the name of the track, keep holding the button and it reads the names of your playlists so you can switch between them.”

Turner reports, “The tiny third gen shuffles are a worthy addition to the iPod range.”

Full article here.

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