Repair company promoting misleading Mac reliability report not an authorized Mac repair shop

“A computer repair company based in New York has issued a report this week claiming that Apple’s reliability ranking has dropped precipitously over the past three months compared to other PC makers, using statistics that make little sense,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for RoughlyDrafted.

“The company isn’t even authorized to repair Apple’s machines, meaning that the calls it gets from Apple customers are most likely to involve either old machines or systems that have been damaged by their owners and therefore not covered under warranty, such as a MacBook exposed to water damage,” Dilger reports. “Neither case reflects the reliability of Apple’s hardware.”

Dilger reports, “The company, a franchised chain doing business under the name Rescuecom, has also come under fire from former employees and franchisees which claim the firm engages in unscrupulous business practices. ‘Everything about that company is dishonest,’ a former employee told a news reporter covering the allegations, ‘everything.'”

Rescuecom under fire (WTVH-TV CBS 5, Syracuse, NY):

Direct link to video via YouTube here.

MacDailyNews Take: Donna Adamo. She should sue Dell for degrading her good name.

Read the full article at RoughlyDrafted – recommended – here.

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