Apple close to unveiling Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard’s major UI overhaul

“While developers have been privy to pre-releases of Apple’s Snow Leopard operating system for quite some time, those distributions have been stripped of several features including a major UI overhaul that the company is now preparing for broader consumption,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

“Among the changes under consideration for the new build is a striking overhaul to the Mac OS X user interface, which is expected to surrender its platinum theme. Apple has reportedly been working on this new interface since day one, despite public claims that Snow Leopard would forgo forward-facing improvements for a focus strictly on under-the-hood enhancements,” Jade reports.

“Previous claims… similarly predicted Apple would eventually wrap Snow Leopard in a new interface rumored to go by the code-name ‘marble.’ Details were sparse, but speculation pointed to the adoption of the smoother iTunes-style scrollbars and a move towards a darker chrome motif for application windows alongside an inverted menubar with light text on a dark background,” Jade reports.

“Apple reportedly plans to use its WWDC 2009 to preview a feature complete version of Snow Leopard and announce a formal release date… [for sometime[ around August,” Jade reports.

Full article, with images, here.

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