The Odd Couple: Apple and Adobe

“For more than two decades, Apple and Adobe Systems have enjoyed a mostly cordial relationship that have benefited both companies, especially in the worlds of professional design and photography. As might be expected, though, the enterprises have had their tiffs with each other and the balance of power between the two has shifted over the years,” John P. Mello Jr. writes for MacNewsWorld.

“During the early days of the relationship, Adobe played a dominant role, but in recent times Apple has often had the upper hand, especially outside the design arena, such as in the mobile space. What’s more, Apple’s value to Adobe, although still important, has diminished as the PC has gained ground in the publishing realm,” Mello Jr. writes.

Mello Jr. writes, “A lot of pro designers think they make a great pair, with Adobe software like Creative Suite running on a Mac computer. The two companies themselves, however, have their own personal agendas. They’ve definitely benefited from each other’s successes, but is one really the dominant player?”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Let’s see: Apple likely owns the next dominant platform and has enough cash on-hand to buy Adobe 3 times over. The you have Adobe that has hitched it wagon to a slowly-dying platform and can’t even get their bloated Flash mess on the next dominant platform. Therefore, we’d have to give a slight edge in the “dominant player” stakes to Apple. smirk

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